Our Quality Service

Dark brown casket - Funeral ceremony in Fresno California
Various caskets - Different caskets in Fresno California
Wooden casket with bouquet of flowers - Wooden casket in Fresno California
Fresno Funeral Chapel is a family-owned funeral home that has been providing memorial services, funerals and cremation services to local families since 1926. We are the oldest and best funeral home in Fresno, and our professional, respectful funeral directors will communicate openly with you so that you know exactly what our services entail.

To better serve the local community, our clients work directly with our funeral director, and we also have two Spanish-speaking employees. Our funeral director has more than 40 years of experience, and this experience as well as our devotion to providing compassionate service to our customers will benefit you as you plan the final service for your loved one. We understand the need to be responsive and available to our clients during this important time, and because of this, we offer 24-hour service. Times are available on weekends by appointment. Whether you are interested in home funerals or services in funeral homes, we offer quality urns, caskets and other products in a wide range of styles.

Licenses and Associations

Our funeral home is fully licensed and affiliated with local organizations, including:
Est License -FD499
Funeral Director License- FDR2176
California Embalmer License-EMB6822
Central Valley Funeral Directors Association