Our Services

Each family may have unique needs and preferences when planning a service, which is why Fresno Funeral Chapel offers a full range of memorial options. You may be interested in home funerals or services in funeral homes, and we can work with you to plan a gathering that meets all your needs. Speak with our funeral director about the following services:
• Home funerals
• Funeral services in our chapel or grave-site
• Funeral planning
• Burial services
• Memorial services
• Traditional services
• Cremation services
• Pre-arrangement plans
• Unlimited shipping arrangements to any location worldwide

Candles - Funeral candles in Fresno California
In addition, we offer a veterans rate that eliminates travel fees to the closest two cemeteries. For cemeteries that are more than 15 miles away, we only charge $3 per mile for each additional mile.

Through Fresno Funeral Chapel, you can select from a wide range of quality brands with national recognition. This includes Aurora Matthews, Batesville, Astral, Orthodox Wood and others. From plain white caskets to those that are painted, wrapped or customized in other ways, we will work with you to provide you with the quality casket you desire.